Morrie and Janice

Morrie and Janice stayed with us at the end of August 2013. Morrie enjoyed being on the farm and as akeen gardener enjoyed browsing around our veg patch! He was interested in wood so relished a trip to a furnitire maker in Thirsk.

My sister and I have always wanted top see the Yorkshire Dales after reading all the James Herriot books. We stayed at Westfields Farms and took the tour guided by Peter. The stay at the B&B was wonderful! The food was fantastic and Chris and Peter were most friendly and delightful company. We left feeling like we found 2 new friends rather than owners of the B&B. Peter is a fantastic, safe, and thoughtful driver. With Peter driving, my sister and I were able to see the beautiful scenery that Yorkshire has to offer. It was so nice to be picked up at the airport and taken back. Peter does it all for you! I would not have wanted to drive on those narrow and winding roads! Our experience there was outstanding. I would recommend this stay and this tour to anyone who wants to see the Yorkshire Dales and its beautiful land. Our week went by so fast that we could hardly believe it was over. Chris and Peter’s breakfasts are to die for!
Client:Morrie and Janice
Date: February 05, 2014