Hello From Us


Have you always been a fan of our famous TV show,which was based on the books by James Herriot; All Creatures Great & Small? Did you watch the series and read his books?  Could 2015 be the year you visit James Herriot’s Yorkshire Dales?

It would be our pleasure to show you the places used in filming the famous TV series.

We hope you enjoy looking at our web site, you will find some pictures of Curlew Barn (the new home of the Chilton Family and Herriot-Country Tours) on our face book page. We will have 2 lovely guest rooms with views over Penn Hill or our own fields with Peters sheep grazing and we will spoil you with real Yorkshire hospitality, nothing is too much trouble.

It’s exciting to start another year of Herriot Country Tours, we are going to meet some old friends coming in August to do a second tour with us. It’s never too early to book be the first guests to stay at Curlew Barn.

Each tour is personal to the guests traveling with us as the time it is tailored to what you want to do and see with plenty of time in each new place you visit.

If you are able to do the 6 days it gives you a relaxed visit with time to enjoy all the extras we can provide such as a country show, a garden visit or maybe spend a day fishing or Drystone walling the dales are famous for our drystone walls. They make lovely patterns over the green fields and of course keep the sheep and cows in!

If you have limited time we can do shorter tours, we are very flexible. Shorter tours can be 3 days or even just 1 day if you’re already visiting the region.

From the moment Peter meets you at the Airport in our luxury 4X4 car and you begin your drive into The Dales we will take the greatest care of you and personalise your tour.  There’s plenty to see!

We would love to show you around this lovely area, The Yorkshire Dales, see the places and meet the friendly Yorkshire People.

Just email me to book your dream tour.

Chris and Peter